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In 2019, firearm manufacturer Mossberg is celebrating its 100th year in operation. As part of that celebration, the North Haven, Connecticut, company is returning to its roots and doing something that it has not done in decades: it is making a handgun.

Firstly, “The Brownie is an instant hit, and because of its reliability, sleek lines, and the fact that it  double the capacity of the Derringer, it is regard as the ultimate conceal carry handgun of its time,” Richard Kirk, Mossberg’s senior director of marketing, said.

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Further, Why is a company that  a leader in the long-gun market for decades suddenly jump into the crowd handgun space? Sure, the nostalgia of the firm’s 100th anniversary is part of the equation, but there  undoubtly other factors at play. Secondly, The business of firearms is shifting. Never the less,  Like many gunmakers, Mossberg met that demand with its own auto-loading carbine, the MMR.

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One area of continue opportunity for manufacturers is the compact handgun market: products designed to be carry conceal.According to a 2017 Pew Research survey, 67% of gun owners purchase their firearm for self-protection. That same survey reveal that in addition to the 30% of respondents who already own a gun, an additional 36%  open to owning a gun in the future.  best handgun safe

best handgun safe

Industry data backs up that presumption. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) 2017 Firearms Retailer Survey, 52% of firearms sold in 2016  handguns, up from 45.2% in 2015.

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